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We like to share our passion for the craft of cider making and most importantly, we love the taste!

It all started when Daniel Röder relocated to Portland from Hesse, Germany, He quickly discovered that dry, crisp Apfelwein was hard to find and little known in the US.

The state of Hesse is famous for its traditional dry Apfelwein, and back in the days Daniel and his friends used to make their own. When he moved to the US he continued the tradition and started to make his own Apfelwein in Oregon. He started to inquire with his Oregonian friend, Austin, as he was looking for a welder to help build a press. Instead of purchasing the cider making equipment -  he simply built everything from scratch in his garage! 


When Daniel met Austin, the two instantly started dreaming up the idea of a cidery and creating their own label. Every year, together with friends and family, they would go apple picking and pressing, tasting and talking to continuously fine-tune the flavor, exploring some unexpected cider flavors along the way - Pineapple Jalapeno Cider, anyone? Just kidding.


Fast forward to now, our goal is to share the German tradition of cider making and to introduce you to the crisp, dry taste of Apfelwein. We hope you get inspired and can’t wait to have you join our Röder Apfelwein community.


Enjoy and Prost!

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