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is German style hard cider (apple wine) crafted simply from pressed apples, yeast and love. This is the magic and beauty of it!

At 6% alcohol content, Apfelwein is as relaxing as it is delicious. Go ahead and indulge! It is naturally gluten free with NO added sugar! We source our apples carefully by hand to ensure a diverse mix that will provide the desired complex and characteristic flavor.

Apfelwein is traditionally served in a "Bembel" and "Geripptes" and there are several ways of enjoying German style hard cider.


just straight pure, dry Apfelwein, the most natural and straight forward way.

Sauer Spritz

by adding a spritz of sparkling water usually 1/3 of sparkling water 2/3 pure Apfelwein. Sauer spritz is very refreshing and light without compromising the taste of the Apfelwein. Ideal for hot summer days.


is our flavored Apfelwein with a little black currant juice added. Rosé Apfelwein is a traditional German Apfelwein drink with different levels of sweetness. Our Rosé still remains a dry flavor

Hot Spiced Cider

great in winter, is served hot, with some sugar added and with several spices like cloves, star anis, cinnamon, fruits, similar to Glühwein. See "Food & Drinks" for detailed instructions.


is a jug traditionally made from salt-glazed stoneware. Bembel are usually grey with blue decorative detailing, mostly abstract flowers. In traditional German Apfelwein regions like Frankfurt (Hesse) area, Apfelwein is served in a Bembel and the Bembel size is usually defined by how many glasses of Apfelwein fit in. 

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